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Janitorial bonds are also known as house cleaning bonds, These are actually a type of fidelity bond, which protect a person as a customer whose property is being cleaned by a janitorial service or house cleaner. Janitorial services may include maid service, cleaning service or carpet cleaning service. Janitorial bond does not cover damage, however it does provide care in case of theft and if an employee accidentally breaks one of the belongings, your bond can cover replacement costs, which can be a lifesaver if you don't have a lot of money in hand at any given time. But keep in mind that these bonds are not required by the state as compulsory and are generally used by businesses as a marketing strategy. As a business, don’t let a low credit score or poor financial history stop you from getting the janitorial service bond you need to boost your business! You can contact USA American Eagle Bond Agency LLC services to get the best janitorial bond for your business.
Janitorial service surety bonds are a type of business service bond intended for a residential or commercial cleaning company. With this bond in place, you protect customers from losses incurred as a result of employee theft committed by employees while engaged in cleaning services. Janitorial bond are most often purchased by housekeepers, maids, and residential cleaning companies also known as a janitorial bond services business

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Unlike an insurance policy to protect your business, a janitorial service bond protects customers of a cleaning company if an employee steals from the client on the job.

Also having gained this experience I know of what trials and tribulations you go through to get your bond secured. Our janitorial bond offer in our business what no body else can match. We will get the bond you need… When you need it!

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A janitorial service bond can eliminate the risk of a business failing due to employee theft, because the business would be reimbursed for their loss.

If you need a special janitorial bond or something out of the ordinary, please let us know.

We really do care about our customers and want your business. Give us a call or email with any questions for janitorial bond. It’s easy to get a quote online or by phone. We will earn your business…Give us a try and you will feel confident you made a great decision.

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USA American Eagle Bonds have many years of surety bond and insurance experience, both in the insurance and bonding industry.
Our expertise can be a very valuable when it comes to your insurance business for securing your customer and providing a bond for their business or individual needs. We can help your agency by making the process of securing surety bonds for your clients extremely easy.

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