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Types of Businesses We have serviced thousand of customers and have a very reputable track record as a top rated bonding company…

By far one of the best NATIONWIDE Azdot bond broker companies on the Internet. So many consumers have used our service because we care about getting you the right bond for the right price. We can provide you with any type of Surety Bond. We write Performance bonds, Broker Bonds, Bid Bonds, Fidelity Bonds, any type of Arizona license bond, Permit Bonds, Subdivision Completion bonds, Dealer bonds, and BMC 84 Truck Broker Bonds. Arizona auto dealer bonds $100,000 start at $500 annual premium.

We write surety bonds and performance bonds NATIONWIDE for Bad Credit, Good Credit and Weak Financials! Many Instant Issued License Bonds – Just a credit check for Performance Bonds and bid bonds for good credit clients to $750,000! Performance bonds over $750,000 would require financial statements. Get approvals for non-standard and hard to place performance bonds for any amount. Most non-standard bonds written without any cash collateral or funds control. Performance Bond amounts to $150,000,000 plus Reclamation and Subdivision bonds. Easy Performance bonds for good credit clients up to $1,500,000 with a simple application a current year end business financial and a personal financial statement.

What is Surety Bond?

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Non-Standard Surety and
Performance Bonds

Our bond brokers agency has many special underwriting programs for non-standard bonds and even with bad personal and business credit. In house underwriting authority for bad credit license and permit bonds. We also have special underwriting for non-standard larger performance bonds up to $150,000.000.00 plus. We have many instant issue license bonds that may not require credit.

Get Your Bond Fast

Get your bond fast! Our in house professionals get the bond you need fast. We can usually provide your bond quote within hours of a completed application. Our quality streamlined service is one of the best in the industry, and we can get just about anyone approved. We write surety bonds for business owners and clients even with bad credit. Get the surety bond you need. When you need it, and for the best rate in the industry. . We work with a wide variety of insurance carriers to provide you with any type of bond you may need and with attention to detail, efficient and courteous service for all our clients.

Dealer bonds

Performance Payment, Bid Bonds and

USA American Eagle Bonds specializes in Performance Bonds and Bid Bonds for all your building or service contracts, and we have helped many construction contractors get a quality low cost bond. We can write Performance and Bid bonds for regular construction projects, many types of service contracts including trash hauling, subdivision completion, and tax bonds.. We also are the leaders when it comes to high risk surety bond with bad credit, and can get most clients approved at the lowest rates in the industry. Don’t pay a higher rate for a performance bond, when you can use our services for the fastest and easiest bond issuance.

We also are the leaders when it comes to high risk surety bond with bad credit, and can get most clients approved at the lowest rates in the industry. Don’t pay a higher rate for a performance bond, when you can use our services for the fastest and easiest surety bond issuance.

If you are not sure what type of bond you need just contact us and we can guide you through the process. We making getting any type of surety bond easy.

Remember we also specialize in bonding if you have bad credit or challenged credit. We get you the surety bond you need when you need, and at the lowest cost to you in the industry.

Bid & Performance Bonds SBA Surety
Guarantee Program

USA American Eagle Bonds is an SBA authorized agent. The federal government SBA Small Business administration has a Surety Bond Guarantee Program that offers assistance to contractors to obtain Bid, Performance, and Payment bonds. The purpose of the program is to enable a company to obtain a bond with reasonable terms and conditions, even though the contractor does not qualify for the bond in a standard surety market.

Surety Bond Testimonials

I needed a contractor bond for my plumbing company and Kathy at USA American Eagle Bonds got me the bond I needed not only fast but beat all
the other quotes I had gotten. This company I would recommend to anyone…

Todd Johnston Owner, Onsite Plumbing Service

Surety Bond Types

Free Bond Quote

Girl Hi my name is Kathy White and I can get you the best pricing on the Bond you need for your business. We specialize in challenged credit and can get most anyone bonded and insured… Just fill out and submit the information and we will get back with you soon.
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About Our Company and Service Learn about USA American Eagle Bonds Insurance Agency LLC

I have worked in the surety bond industry for over 20 years. Working for some of the biggest companies I have learned what are some of the best bonding companies in the industry and know how to get you the best bond and rates for your business.

Also having gained this experience I know of what trials and tribulations you go through to get your bond secured. We offer in our business what no body else can match. We will get the bond you need… When you need it!

“We will earn your business and your trust”

I realized the a need to be able to provide bonds for less than perfect credit ratings (bad credit) for clients and businesses. We pride ourselves on be able to get companies bonded that no one else in the industry can do. We work hard for you and your business! Let our staff of professionals get you the bond you need and deserve.

Hi, I’m Kathy White and I started USA American Eagle Bonding and have been providing a great service for all of our customers for many years. I have created a quality services for the public consumers, businesses, along with Insurance agents and brokers. We pride ourselves on great customer service and for all insurance agents we always provide you and your clients with great service and the most competitive pricing in the industry.

We are growing like crazy and have built a staff of professionals to service your needs and answer your questions. Check out some of our customer testimonials and see why people choose us over any other bonding service.

If you need a special bond or something out of the ordinary, please let us know. We can provide you with many additional bonding and insurance services that might not be offered elsewhere. Just like the old saying…”The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask”

We really do care about our customers and want your business. Give us a call or email with any questions. It’s easy to get a quote online or by phone. We will earn your business…Give us a try and you will feel confident you made a great decision.

Get quality personal service from a family owned business, and many bonding services that any big corporation can provide, and more… Ask about how we can provide you with Performance Bonds up to $750,000.00 with a simple credit check and fast turn around. We make it easy!

Frequently Asked Questions about
Surety Bonding

Surety Bonds are not insurance. Surety Bonds are merely an extension of credit provided by a surety company in order for an individual or business to conduct their affairs. The premiums charged only cover the costs of providing this extension of credit. Premiums do not cover the damages or the cost of default to the obligee.

A Surety Bond is a written agreement or obligation, providing for monetary compensation (the Claim) to be paid by the surety company should there be a failure by the person bonded (the Default) to pay a claim or perform as required by an underlying contract, permit, ordinance, law, rule, regulation or state statute.

The obligation to pay the debts of, or answer for, the default or non-performance of another is a legal relationship based upon a written contract (the Bond) in which one person or corporation (the Surety) undertakes to answer to another (the Obligee) for the debt, default or non-performance of the Principal only if and when the Principal fails to pay a claim or perform as required.

An Indemnity Agreement between the Principal and the Surety Company is required by the Surety Company for each and every bond issued. The Indemnity Agreement holds the Surety Company harmless from any loss and expense the Surety Company may incur should a claim arise against a bond due to a default of the Principal. The Indemnity Agreement pledges all personal and corporate assets owned by the Principal and the Principal’s spouse. This allows the Surety Company the means to recapture any claim paid by the Surety Company if a loss occurs.

Should the personal and corporate assets not be acceptable to the Surety, and/or if the personal and corporate credit history are questionable, then collateral or an additional indemnitor or both may be required by the Surety Company to guarantee reimbursement to the Surety Company if a loss occurs. A Surety Company may also require collateral if there is a high risk or unusual obligation on the bond because it will reduce some of the risk that a Surety Company assumes when issuing a bond. Some acceptable examples of collateral are cashier’s checks, certificates of deposit and irrevocable letters of credit. After all obligations of the bond have been met, the collateral is returned to the Principal and the Obligee releases the Surety Company from their obligation under the bond.

In the event that a claim is presented to the Surety Company, the Principal will be officially contacted to pay the claim. If there is no response from the Principal to settle the claim and the claim is paid by the Surety Company, then the following collection procedures may be implemented:

Court action against the Principal – Litigation. Judgments filed against the corporate and personal assets. All credit reporting agencies shall be notified of a personal and corporate collection account due to an unpaid bond claim. Seizure of personal and corporate assets. In most all cases, should any of the above collection procedures be implemented as the result of the Principal’s failure to pay on a claim, then the Principal’s ability to secure a bond from another surety company may be restricted.

Contact American Eagle Bonding at (855) 852-2663 and we will send you the application and forms that you need, or you can click here to download an application.

Depending on the type of bond you need, most bonds can be issued in a day or two. Others may require additional information and the amount of time it takes to get the information to us is up to you. To process your request more quickly, be sure that all questions on the application are answered and be prepared to submit your personal and corporate financial statements.

Insurance Agents and Brokers

USA American Eagle Bonds have many years of surety bond and insurance experience, both in the insurance and bonding industry.
Our expertise can be a very valuable when it comes to your insurance business for securing your customer and providing a bond for their business or individual needs. We can help your agency by making the process of securing surety bonds for your clients extremely easy.
We have access to so many different surety carriers,
that provide all type of bonds, whether specialized or standard we provide a solution for the bond you need. It does not matter how small or large the company or business is, we can provide the bonding needed for contractors, developers and other commercial businesses.

We are considered to be state of the art for automated bond applications, underwriting and bond execution. We provide a simple yet very accurate record keeping for all parties. This will provide the bond you need for your client and save you time and money to get the service you need at an expedited rate.

We provide a lucrative commission for you and your agency, and make our process seamless and invisible to your customers. We can also work directly with your customers if you prefer and save you the time and hassle of dealing with a complex bond. We will provide you your commission for the service either way. We also will provide you with any recurring commissions as the bond(s) renew.


Ask about our new affiliate program to provide your customers with complete service from your website or referral. It is automated and will track your referral commissions whether you personally refer your client or if they come directly from your website. Now you can offer this added service as an addition to your normal policies and keep control of your customers for future business.

We can usually have approval and a bond secured for your client within an average of 48 hours. We will provide all the details for you so you always are in the loop and know what is going on for your customers.

Use our Agent / Broker application to get set up on our program, and we will provide you an amazing service and give you a piece of mind that your customers are in good hands. Once you are set up as one of our preferred agents, we can make the process very simple for you and your staff.

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Surety Bond Applications

Download or Fill Out Online Bond Applications

We have listed bond applications that you can download from our site, or fill out the bonding application online, what ever is easier for you! We will get you a secured bond ASAP! On average, we can get a bond for you and your business within a few hours. We have several options for securing your bond. The applications below have quick quote information and full details on getting a surety bond fast.

Download Bond Application

Performance/Bid Bonds

Performance/Bid Bonds Non Standard
$500,000 and up

Download Application

Performance/Bid Bonds Standard $500,000 and up Guaranteed Best Rate

Download Application
License and Permit

License and Permit Bond – Simple

Download Application

Contractor License Bonds

Contractor Bond – Best Rates / Easy Qualify

Download Application

Performance/Bid Bonds up to $400,00.00 Moderate or Good Credit

Download Application

Performance/Bid Bonds up to $1,500,000 up to $450,000 credit check only

Download Application

Freight & Truck Broker BMC-84
Credit Check Only

Download Application

Subdivision Completion Bonds Any Amount

Download Application

Personal Financial

Download Application

Business Financial

Download Application

Online Application

Commercial License any amount/Permit Bond Application any amount/ Fidelity Dishonesty Janitorial up to $250,0000/Performance Payment, Bid bonds, Supply Bonds and Maintenance Bonds up to $450,000.00. For all other types of bonds please see our downloadable applications or contact us at (800) 562-8962. All submissions will be submitted to an underwriter and you will be contracted usually within 1 hour to 12 hours during business hours. Send any supporting documents to

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