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Site Improvement Bond are like insurances, which are obtained by the developers, builders and contractors when doing an improvement on a property. The properties in this case excludes new constructions or developments. The bond protects the property owners if, due to the contractor, the project doesn't goes as mentioned in the conditions. Under such a situation, the bond reimburses the property owners on the behalf of the contractor. The bond requires the contractors to have a credit check before getting one. Your bond rate depends on various factors like the size of the job, the amount of bonding coverage, work record, credit score and financial status of the contractor. Better credit score helps you get lower premiums. Subdivision bonds are also very similar to site improvement bond but the basic difference between the two is that site improvement bonds tend to guarantee a check on upgrades of existing buildings or public properties, while the subdivision bonds deal with new buildings or constructions.

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Site improvement bonds are different from the typical contract bonds used for construction sites. A key difference with site improvement bonds is that the owner has to pay the cost of building the bonded improvements rather than the public agency. This is also an important point to remember if a general contractor agrees to post the site improvement bond on behalf of the owner. Normally, the general contractor has the contractual right to stop work if the owner does not pay him.

Site improvement bond are purchased to protect the project owner from contract default or other problems that may arise during the construction project.

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